Gender psychology of gambling: the difference between of men and women game style

Have you noticed that men and women not only think, and act differently, but also gamble? In fact, a large amount of research has been done on this topic, because many psychologists are interested in differences between the two.

If men and women play online games, their behavior is also significantly different. This is confirmed not only by research, but also by observations from the casino network by Michael Boettcher, Shangri La.

What distinguishes the behavior of men and women in the process of gambling?

women and man game style

Men and women spend different amounts in order to make bets

A man in an emotional state can spend more than he has, and a woman will do otherwise. Women prefer to plan in advance the amount they spend on the game. They do not count on big wins, but they know they will not lose much, but rather will simply get pleasure from the process.

Many men try their luck and try to recoup; there are fewer players as such among women. This is a significant difference in the actions of men and women. A man prefers to achieve the goal, playing with high stakes. The amount that he can win is important for him, and the woman prefers pleasant communication and an interesting process of the game.

Men and women prefer different games

Favorite game among men and women in casinos Armenia, Latvia, USA, Macau and other countries is roulette. A simple game to have fun and try to get lucky. In the second place in popularity is blackjack. In the third place in popularity among men is poker, and in women - slots. This means that you can’t absolutely say that men and women like the same games. Men are less likely to play slots, especially when it comes to professionals. And women love slot machines, preferring simple and bright games.

women game style

Men and women have different attitudes towards bets

Men are often played on an "all or nothing" principle. They can to lay out the last money that is in their pockets, even if he has nothing left for a taxi, because winning is above all. However, a few women can afford such an act, even if we take into account their emotions and temper. This is quite an amazing fact, because men in many life situations behave logically and carefully, especially when they perform important actions. In general, women do not try to get back their lost money. So, they lose much less in the end, but their wins are not as big.

Betting for a woman is an opportunity to have a great time and test her luck. When for a man, it is a chance to earn money, so many guys play to the last.

A different number of professionals among men and women

Among men, there are many more professionals who succeed and win large sums of money. This is due to the fact that they are more serious about the process of the game and might devote their whole life to it. Gambling plays a more important role in the life of men than in women life. That is why men achieve the best results and become true professionals.

Women often start to play, and then change the sphere of leisure to something else. A lot of gambling depends on experience, so in this case, the one who spends a lot of time in a casino wins more often, says Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. But do not hesitate, there are women who know how to play well. You can suffer greatly from erroneous conclusions.

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